50mm x 4mm Oto Mills HF Tube Mill

Make: Oto Mills
Year New: 2003
Tube Diameter, 12.7mm – 51mm
Wall Thickness: 0.8mm – 4mm
Speed: 160 mpm
Direction: L-R
Coil Weight: 5 ton
Entry Coil Car
Double Mandrel Uncoiler
Automatic End Joiner
Vertical Accumulator
Coil Straightener
Forming Mill with 70Kw Motor & Drive
Finn Passes with 45Kw Motor and Drive
300Kw Thermatool HF Welder
Cooling Section
Sizing Mill with 70Kw Motor & Drive
Turk Head Stands
Flying Cut-Off Saw
Run Out Conveyor and End Table
Tooling for Round and Profiles
Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls

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