8″ x .220″ GSI HF Tube Mill

Year: 2000, Diameter: 1.5″-8″, Wall Thickness: .050″-.220″, Shaft Diameter: 125mm, Speed: 20-40 meters per minute, Coil Width: 148mm-990mm, Coil Weight: 5,000Lb, Product: Round, Square, Rectangular. Double Mandrel Uncoiler, Shear & End Welder, Cage Type Accumulator, Forming Mill with 210Kw DC Motor, 300Kw High Frequency Welder, Sizing Mill with 125Kw DC Motor, Two (2) Turk Heads, Flying Cut-Off Saw, Run-Out Table & Conveyor. Lots of Tooling, Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls

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