76mm x 6mm Oto Mill HF Tube Mill

Make: Oto Mill, Year New: 2005, Tube Diameter: 15mm – 76mm, Wall Thickness: 1mm – 6mm, Shaft Diameter: 100mm, Speed: 140 mpm, Direction :R-L. Double End Uncoiler with Coil Car, Crop Shear & TIG End Welder, Vertical Accumulator with 80Kw DC Drive, Forming Mill with Seven Forming Stands, and Seven Fin Passes, 110Kw DC Drive, and 70Kw DC Drive, Welding Section with 350Kw HF Thermatool Welder, Adjustable Sqeeze Box, Inside and Outside Scarfing Head, Bead Re-Winder, Cooling Section, Sizing Mill with Four Sizing Stands, and Four Fin Passed, Four Double Sided Turk Heads, 110Kw DC Motor, Friction Type Flying Cut-Off Saw with 74Kw DC Drive, Run Out Conveyor, and Table. Updated Electrics, LCD Display Controls, Hydraulics

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