Sell used industrial equipment & machinery

In addition to supplying various machines to our clients, we also help our customers sell them.

Selling with us is easy!

  • <strong>Sell used industrial equipment & machinery</strong>
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Having huge customer’s database we email them with your offer automatically. It takes minimum efforts from you to make it work.

Your add would be added to our sales net – it makes sale process maximum fast and easy to go through. No need to spend a lot of time and money for such things anymore

    Machine MW is your reliable partner in all your machinery requirements. So if you have sheet metal equipment or machines for sale, just let us know and we will help you get rid of them with the appropriate monetary reward.

    Sell Your Equipment With Us

    <strong>Sell used industrial equipment & machinery</strong>

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    <strong>Sell used industrial equipment & machinery</strong>
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    <strong>Sell used industrial equipment & machinery</strong>
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    We buy and sell the following heavy equipment: cut to length lines, slitting lines, blanking lines, tube mills, roll formers, rolling mills, bending machines, shears, coil straighteners and levelers and other machines for coil and sheet metal processing.

    With a huge base of trusted customers all around the world, we can easily help you to find customers who can buy your machine or equipment. We have a great experience in the machinery business, so we can advise you on how much money you can get for your product, how to dismantle it correctly and ship to the customer in a cheap and safe way.

    By going through this process with us, you can make it less time consuming, profitable and easy.

    There are some of well-known machinery brands we can help you to sell: Emag, Novastilmec, Cincinnati, Bronx, Strilich, Iowa Precision, Welty-Way, Loopco, Stamco, Bonak, Herr-Voss, Kane & Roach, Lenox, Rowe, TMM, Sacma, Kohan, Dahlstrom, Athader, Fagor, Arrasate, Fimi, Stamco, Paxson, Yoder, Tru-Tek, Skoda, Pacific, Bliss, ELMAKSAN, Morvay, Barbero, Torrington, Bradbury, Guida, SAMO, HEILBRONN  SCHNUTZ, Schlogmann, RAS, DURMA and others.

    So if you have equipment or machines for sale, just give us a call, we can help you sell them in a very easy and convenient way.

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