146mm x6.5mm used ERW tube mill for sale (A3767)

146mm x6.5mm used ERW tube mill is used for round and rectangular pipes production. Line can be perfect solution for metal tube manufacturing companies who plan to produce pipes of different range up to 145mm diameter and 6.5mm metal thickness. Machine was produced by famous manufacturing company, having huge experience in tube mills making

Maker: MayungJin, Kore
Welder: China
Electric controller: Korea
Year: 2005
Pipe diameters: 50-145mm
Wall thickness: 1.5-6.5mm
Line speed: 60m/min
Welder capacity: 500kW
Line direction: left to right
Line consist of:
-shar welder
-pipe forming
-pipe welding
-pipe sizing
-pipe cutting
-run out table
-pipe end facer

There is list of tools available: 76.3; 77,4; 90; 106; 108; 116.9; 127.3; 137.5;

To get more information about machine please contact our sales department

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