API HF tube mill 406x14mm (A3763)

API pipe mill is perfect solution for tube production with maximum 406mm diameter and 14 mm wall maximum thickness

406mm x 14mm API Pipe Mill
Year New: 2006
Material Grade: X70 / X52
Pipe Diameter: 4.5″ – 16″
Wall Thickness: 4mm – 14mm
Pipe Length: 6m – 14m
Coil Width: 1350mm
Coil OD: 2200mm
Coil Weight: 25 ton

Four (4) Entry Storage Area
Floor Standing V-Type Coil Car
Mandrel Uncoiler (5.5Kw Drive)
Automatic Shear & End Welder
Coil Straightener
Horizontal Accumulator

Forming Mill
Six (6) Forming Stands
Three (3) Side Clusters
Four (4) Finn Passes
280Kw & 355Kw Forming Drives

Welding Section
Mechanical 4 – Roll Squeeze Box
800Kw EFD High Frequency Welder
Two (2) Mid Frequency Annealing Heads

Sizing Mill
Four (4) Sizing Stands
Two (2) Straightening Turk Heads
200Kw & 400Kw Sizing Drives

Milling Flying Cut Off
Rotary Double Saw
Blades Diameter: 355mm
Speed Accelerating System
Digital Length Control
Hydraulic Cut-Off Drive
Mechanical Traverse
Powered Run-Out and End Tables

Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Electrical Drives

Tube Finishing Equipment
6-Roll Straightening Machine
Two (2) Hydro Testing Machines
Pipe Beveling Machine
UT NDE Testing Machine

2000mm x 14mm x 60,000Lb Driven Slitting Line

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