Slitting line HJ Loop 1600mm x 9mm x 50,000Lb (A3790)

Slitting line HJ Loop 1600mm x 9mm x 50,000Lb (A3790) for longitudinal cutting of coil metal into strips of required width up to 9mm metal thickness

Year of Manufacture: 2002
Raw Material: HR Coil
Tensile Strength: Max. 50Kg/mm2
Yield Strength: Max. 30Kg/mm2
Coil Thickness: Min. 1.2mm ~ Max. 9.5mmT
Coil Width: Min. 400mm ~ Max. 1,650mm
Coil Weight: Max. 25,000Kg
Coil Inside Diameter: 508mm
Coil Outside Diameter: Min. ∅1,000mm ~ Max. ∅2,000mm

Line Speed: Max. 150/80m/min
Threading Speed: Max. 20m/min
Slitting System: Pull & Drive Cutting by DC Power Control
Slitting Width: Min. 40mm ~ Max. 1,300mm
Slitting Number: Max. 30Cuts x 29Strips
Pass Line Height: 900mm
Line Threading Direction: Left To Right

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