Cut-to-length line FIMI 2000x8mm x30t (A3769)

Cut-to-length line FIMI 2000mm x8mm x 30t can help you handle all your cutting needs with sheet metal up to 8mm thickness, 20000 mm width and 30t maximum coil weight. This line is equipped with two levelers to provide high top straightening quality and flying shear to make cutting process perfect

2000mm x 8mm x 30ton FIMI CTL Line

Manufacturer: FIMI – ITALY
Year: 1990
Material: CR-GZR-RP-RKK
Yield Strength: 180-400 Mpa
Tensile Strength: 220-550 Mpa
Coil Width: 800-2000mm
Coil Thickness: 1-8mm
Coil Weight: 30 Ton
Line Speed: 1-25m/min
Direction: Left to Right
Sheet Tolerance/Size:
Length Tolerance: +/- 1 mm
Diagonal Tolerance: 0.1% x Sheet width
Sheet Width: 800 – 2000 mm
Sheet Length: 3000 – 12000 mm
Electric AC: 380V /50 Hz / 3 phase
AC Control Voltage: 110 V
Control Voltage: 24 V
Double Mandrel Uncoiler
Sliding Base
Powered Mandrel Expansion
Powered Hold-Down Roll
Uncoiler Motor: Tecnomasimo Italy 15 kw /1600 rpm
Hydraulic Peeling Table
Straightener Motor: Siemens 15 kw/2150 rpm
Driven Pinch Rolls
Corrective 4-Hi Leveler
17 Work Rolls
Work Rolls Diameter: 90mm
Hydraulic Work Rolls Adjustment
Up and Down Back Up Flights: 9 Sets
Back-Up Roll Diameter: 150mm
Leveler Motor: Tecnomasimo Italy 75 kw /1800 rpm
Leveler Gearbox: Fimi – M2030
Flying Shear
Shear Electric Motor: Secmimotori 52kw/1450 rpm
Belt Conveyor
Drop Type Stacker with End Conveyors
Updates (2018):
Full Line Overhaul
-Hydraulic System: Vickers
-Drives: Siemens
-Operator Panel: Siemens
-Shear Maintenance
Leveler Overhaul
-Back-Up Rolls Changed
-Vulcalon Coating
Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls

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