Cut-to-length line Delta-Alcos 72”x0.5”x60,000Lb (A3770)

Cut-to-length line Delta-Alcos 72”x0.5”x60,000Lb is machine for cut to length cutting operations of coil metal with maximum 72″ width and up to 0.5″ thickness. Machine can handle maximum 60,000LB coils. Delta-Alcos CTL line is equipped with two levelers and mechanical shears. There is 40′ stacker at the final stage of machine

Make: Delta / Alcos
Material Width: 36″ – 72″
Thickness Capacity: .048″ – .530″
Weight Capacity: 60,000Lbs
Coil ID: 16″ – 24″
Coil OD: 72″
Yield Strength: 50,000PSI
Direction: Right to Left
Coil Storage Conveyor
Entry Coil Car
Hydraulic Lift and Traverse
Cone Uncoiler
DC Motorized Brake
Sliding Base
Wichita Cooled Brake
Powered Hold-Down Roll
Hydraulic Peeling Table
Powered In & Out
Set of Driven Pinch Rolls
Delta Corrective Plate 4-Hi Leveler
Number of Work Rolls: 9
Work Roll Diameter: 8″
Work Roll Width: 82″
Powered Up & Down Back-Up Flights
DC Motor & Drive
Delta Corrective 4-Hi Leveler
Number of Work Rolls: 19
Work Roll Diameter: 4″
Work Roll Width: 82″
Motorized Back-Up Flights
Powered Work Roll Adjustment
DC Motor & Drive
Alcos Mechanical Shear
Down Cut Shear
Driven Entry Pinch Rolls
Pneumatic Clutch & Brake
AC Motor Drive
Alcos Drop Type Stacker
40′ Sheet Length
Driven Exit & End Conveyrors
Touch Screen Digital Panel
Operator Push Botton Station
Digital Read Outs
Hydraulics, Electrics, Controls, Presently Installed

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