Slitting line Pro-Eco 72″ x .250″ x 74,000Lb (A3774)

Slitting line Pro-Eco 72″ x .250″ x 74,000Lb (A3774) is perfect solution for longitudinal cutting of coil metal into strips. This line can work with very big coils up to 74,000 Lb weight and 0.25 inches maximum metal thickness. Line is strong enough to make cutting speed 200 – 600 fpm depends on metal thickness and width you work with

Slitting line Pro-Eco 72″ x .250″ x 74,000Lb (A3774)

Manufacturer: PRO ECO

Material: CRS, HRS, HPP & O

Material Width: 12″ – 72″

Material Thickness: .060″ – .250″

Coil Weight: 74,000Lb

Coil ID: 20″ – 30″ / 20″ – 24″

Coil OD: 72″

Line Speed: 200 – 600 fpm

Direction: L-R

Three (3) Coil Storage Ramp

Coil Car

Powered Lift & Traverse

Double Cone Uncoiler

Sliding Base

Dual Water Cooled Brake

Feed-Up Motor

Powered Hold Down Roll

NA Edge Control System

Hydraulic Peeling Table

3-Roll Coil Breaker

Entry Mechanical Crop Shear

Adjustable Edge Guides

Two (2) Slitting Heads

Injection Type Head Change

Arbor Diameter: 12″

Adjustable Arbors

150HP DC Motor

Shimless Tooling

Loop Cross Over Table

Drag Board Tension Stand

Two Braner Scrap Winders

Heavy Duty Design

Powered Open / Close

Automatic Dumping

Exit Mechanical Crop Shear

Feed – Up Table


Hydraulic Over-Arm Separator

Powered Push – Off

Powered Gripper

Motor: 200HP DC Drive

2 Speed Gear Box

Exit L-Type Coil Car

Hydraulic Lift & Traverse

Self Contained Hydraulics

Allen Bradley Digital Read Out, Allen Bradley PLC, Digital Drives, Shimless Tooling

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