Cincinnati Loop Slitting Line 48″ x 0.075″ x 20,000Lb (A3762)

Cincinnati Loop Slitting Line is perfect solution for longitudinal cutting of coil metal

Make: Cincinnati
Material Width: 12″ – 48″
Material Thickness: .005″ – .075″
Coil Weight: 20,000lb
Coil ID: 20″
Coil OD: 72″
Direction: Left to Right

Entry L-Type Coil Car
Hydraulic Lift & Traverse
Self – Contained Hydraulics
Mandrel Uncoiler
Powered Expansion
AC Feed-Up Motor Drive
Water Cooled Brake

Hydraulic Peeling Table
X-Ray System
Driven Pinch Rolls
Adjustable Edge Guides
Entry Mechanical Crop Shear
Two (2) Slitting Heads
Ejection Type Head Change
Arbor Diameter: 5”
Lots of Knives & Tooling
50HP DC Motor Drive
Two (2) Scrap Winders
Hydraulic Drive
Powered Open / Close

Pit Cross Over Table
Rotary Type Tension Stand
DC Motor Drive
Coated Tension Rolls
Powered Over – Arm Separator
Hydraulic Push-Off
Powered Gripper
50HP DC Motor Drive

Exit Single Arm Turnstile
Powered Rotation
Powered Push – Off
ID Protective Arm
Automatic Packaging Line
Hydraulic Down-Ender
Driven Packaging Conveyors
Automatic Banding Head
Banding Table

Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Knives & Tooling, PLC Controls

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