72″ x .080″ x 50,000Lb Welty Way Multi Blanking Line


Multi-blanking line allows to cut metal coils into sheet metal blanks of different width and length

Make: Welty-Way Products Co
Material Thickness: .010″ – .080″
Material Width: 6″ – 72″
Weight Capacity: 50,000Lb
Coil ID: 21″ – 24″
Coil OD: 72″
Direction: Right to Left

Entry Coil Car
Hydraulic Lift
Powered Traverse

Mandrel Uncoiler
Powered Expansion
Powered Hold-Down Roll
Feed-Up Motor
Hydraulic Peeling Table

Scrap Baler
Hydraulic Motor

Slitting Head
Five (5) Sets of Removable Knifes
Arbor Diameter: 5″
Powered Arbor Adjustment

7-Rolls Coil Straightener
3 over 4 Rolls Design
Roll Face: 84″
Adjustable Work Rolls

Pneumatic Shear
Hydraulic Traverse
Down Cut Blade

Sheets Stacker
Weight Capacity: 10,000Lb
Hydraulic Scissor Table
Sheet Stacker
23′ Powered Run-Out Conveyor

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